Deleting Named Resources and Folders

Spectrum Spatial™ Manager allows you to delete named resources and folders for which you have Delete permissions.

Note: You cannot delete named configurations in the repository.

To delete a named resource or folder in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager:

  1. From the Repository page, select one or more named resources or folders to delete by clicking the row or check box for each item.
    Tip: Select all resources or folders by clicking the check box in the heading row.
  2. Click the Delete button located in the toolbar.

    The Delete confirmation dialog opens to inform you whether or not deleting the resource or folder will break other resources that refer to it (or its contents in the case of a folder). If applicable, this dialog displays a list of links to the named resources that will be broken by the deletion . Click a link to open the associated resource in a new tab, to help you determine whether or not you want to proceed with the deletion. Spectrum Spatial™ Manager will also warn you if you do not have sufficient permissions to delete the resources or folders (for example, you have View but not Delete permissions).

    If you selected more than one resource to delete, you can choose to delete some and not others. Click Remove next to each resource that you decide not to delete.

    Important: If you do not have any permissions on a resource that depends on the one to be deleted (that is, one that is hidden because you do not have View permissions), that affected resource will silently break. The confirmation dialog will not warn you in these cases.
    Note: If you see an error message when attempting to delete a folder indicating there are resources in the folder that are not visible and cannot be deleted, this means that metadata resources exist in the folder. You can still delete the folder using a WebDAV tool. See Understanding Metadata for more information on metadata resources.
  3. Click Delete.