Removing a WMTS Layer

Spectrum Spatial™ Manager allows you to remove any layer from the WMTS layer list. This will remove the WMTS layer resource from the repository and discontinue the layer's exposure through the WMTS service.

To remove a WMTS layer in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager:

  1. From the layer list, select a WMTS layer to delete by clicking on it. (You cannot select more than one item to delete at a time.)
  2. Click the Remove Layer button located above the layer tree.

    Because a WMTS layer is also a named resource, the Delete confirmation dialog opens to inform you whether or not deleting the WMTS layer will break other resources that refer to it. If applicable, this dialog displays a list of links to the named resources that will be broken by the deletion . Click a link to open the associated resource in a new tab, to help you determine whether or not you want to proceed with the deletion. Spectrum Spatial™ Manager will also warn you if you do not have sufficient permissions to delete the resource (for example, you have View but not Delete permissions).

  3. Click Delete.

    The WMTS layer resource is removed from the repository and the layer is no longer exposed through the WMTS service.