Editing a WMTS Layer

Note: These settings are the same as those that are available when you edit a WMTS layer via Data > Repository. The GetCapabilties response (and other WMTS service calls) are affected immediately anytime a named WMTS layer is deleted, modified, or created. Any named WMTS layer in the repository is automatically exposed through WMTS.

To edit a WMTS layer:

  1. From the list, click the WMTS layer you want to edit.
  2. On the details page for the WMTS layer, click Edit.
    An editable view of the WFS feature type appears.
  3. Edit the fields as needed:
    Reference Tile
    The named tile that the WMTS layer references (displayed as a link to the named tile). Click to browse for a new one. This field is required
    WMTS Layer Identifier
    Its unique layer identifier that is referenced by GetCapabilities and GetTile operations. This field is required. Special characters and spaces are allowed.
    WMTS Layer Title
    The human readable title for the named WMTS layer. This field is not required. Special characters and spaces are allowed.
  4. Click Save.