Map Details Page

When you click or select a named map in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager, a page appears with detailed information about that resource.
Note: A message appears at the top of the page if the named map uses an inline (direct) reference instead of a connection. Click the link to continue to update the map to use a connection (see Benefits of Using a Connection for more information on why you should use connections). You will be prompted to select an existing connection or create a new one, then apply it to this map. You will also have the option to update other maps with this connection.
Map Name
The name of the named map. To rename the map, hover over the name and click the pencil icon to enter edit mode (see Renaming Named Resources and Folders).
A description of the named map. Click Add to enter a description or click an existing description to edit it. There are no restrictions on what you can enter for a description, including no minimum required number of characters.
Words or phrases that describe your repository content and allow you to more effectively search the repository. If you have the necessary permissions, you can add, edit (by moving your mouse over the keywords so that a pencil icon appears), and delete keywords. To keep your set of keywords manageable and easier to search, case is respected (for example, you are allowed to add the keyword "MyMap) but variations by case are not allowed (for example, you cannot have two separate keywords for "MyMap" and "mymap").
Interactive Map
Click to open an interactive preview of the map. Click the map to open a larger version that allows you to pan and zoom.
Important: To prevent performance issues, the interactive map preview is not automatically displayed. Be aware that previewing the map may have a detrimental effect on server performance; for example, if the layer contains a large quantity of data, the process to render the map still runs even when switching to another resource.
Resource Info Tab
Information about the resource, including its name (that is, its path in the repository), its type (named map), the date it was created, and the date it was last modified (displayed in the locale of your browser).
Layers Tab
This tab lists all the layers that are used to create this map. The information appears in a tabular formated. The three columns displayed in the table are Layer Type (Type of the layer like named feature layer), Layer Name, and Resource (a link to the layer's details page).
This tab also has a Filter, which allows you to narrow down the search and find the layer you need to see. This is useful when there are a lot of layers in the named map.
This tab allow the admins to view and edit all the users and roles that have permission for this resource and to see permissions on the referenced resources. Permissions on maps are always propagated to layers and optionally to tables. See Permissions Tab for more details.