Managing the Mapping Service Configuration

The Mapping Service provides a simplified interface to perform Mapping Service rendering, themes, overlays, and conversions. It provides both simple operations that are more frequently used, or more complex operations that require higher levels of customization. The Mapping Service is configured and managed using Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. For more information, see Mapping Service in the Services section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide.

To view the Mapping Service settings, select Services > Mapping in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. From the Settings page, click Edit to configure the Mapping Service settings:

Image directory
The temporary cache directory for map images used during SOAP requests for the Mapping Service, when returnImage is set to false in the request. (You must have access rights to this directory).
Important: If you change this setting to use an image directory that already contains files or directories, be aware that those files and directories will be deleted due to the nature of cache directories.
Access Base URL
The URL location for the image directory, typically http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/MappingService/internal/imageCache. This allows map images to be retrieved using HTTP GET.
Expire images after
Time (in seconds) to wait until the image file is tagged for deletion from the cache.
Scan image directory for expired images every
The interval (in seconds) that the service scans the image cache for expiring images.

Any changes you make to the Mapping Service configuration are automatically loaded.

Note: The Mapping Service configuration file MappingConfiguration is preconfigured and located in the Configuration directory under the root repository. For example, a default installation will place the Mapping Service configuration file at http://hostname:port/RepositoryService/repository/default/Configuration/MappingConfiguration. Although you can use a WebDAV tool such as WebFolders to copy this configuration file from the repository then upload the modified file, manual editing of this file should only be done by advanced users who require functionality that is not supported by the current version of Spectrum Spatial™ Manager (v10.1). Unexpected results may occur when using a manually edited configuration file with Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.