Understanding Metadata

Spectrum Spatial™ Manager allows you to add, view, edit, and delete metadata for certain named resources (named tables, layers, and maps) via the Description and Keywords fields on their details pages. Using metadata allows you to better organize your repository resources and facilitates searching.

Metadata Resources

A metadata resource is created when you add keywords or a description to a named resource using Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. This metadata resource is saved in the same folder as the named resource with "Metadata" appended to the named resource name. For example, if you add keywords and a description to the "Countries" named table located in the "MyTables" folder, a metadata resource named "CountriesMetadata" will be created in the "MyTables" folder.

Metadata resources are not displayed in the repository tree in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.

One metadata resource is created per named resource and will not be not deleted, even if you subsequently delete the keywords and description from the named resource. Duplicate metadata resources are not allowed; they cannot be added via WebDAV or the Named Resource Service.

Updating Named Resources and Metadata

If you move, rename, or delete a named resource in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager, the metadata resource will also be moved, renamed, or deleted. If you move the "Countries" named table to the "OldTables" folder, for example, the corresponding metadata resource "CountriesMetadata" will also be moved to the "OldTables" folder.

If you make changes via WebDAV or the Named Resource Service so that a named resource and its corresponding metadata resource are no longer located in the same folder or share a base name (such as "Countries" in the previous example), then Spectrum Spatial™ Manager will no longer make corresponding changes to the metadata resource if you move, rename or delete the named resource. In these cases, the actual metadata (the descriptions and keywords) and changes to those will still be maintained in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.

If you move or rename a named resource via WebDAV, its metadata (description and keywords) will no longer be shown on the details pages in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. You must manually update the reference to the named resource (the resourceID) in the metadata resource to reflect its new name or location.