Renaming Named Resources and Folders

Spectrum Spatial™ Manager allows you to rename named resources and folders for which you have Modify permissions. Renaming will update other resources (for which you also have Modify permissions) that reference the renamed resource to reflect the new name, therefore preserving references between resources and the permissions assigned to the renamed resource. You can rename a resource on the Repository page or on a details page for a named table, connection, map, tile, or layer.

Note: You cannot rename named configurations in the repository.

To rename a named resource in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager:

  1. Move your mouse over the named resource or folder that you want to rename.
    A pencil icon appears.
    Note: This icon only appears if you have appropriate permissions for the resource.
  2. Click the pencil icon.
    The name is now editable.
  3. Type the new name then click or press Enter. Spectrum Spatial™ Manager will warn you if another resource or folder exists with that name, in which case you will have to enter another name. Names are case sensitive and cannot contain the following characters: / \ : [ ] | * { } "

    The Rename confirmation dialog opens to inform you whether or not renaming the resource or folder will break or update other resources that refer to it (or its contents in the case of a folder). If applicable, this dialog displays a list of links to the named resources that will be updated to reflect the new name or will be broken. Resources will break if you do not have sufficient permissions to update them to reflect the new name of the resource (for example, you have View but not Modify permissions on a named map that points to a named table that you are renaming). Click a link to open the associated resource in a new tab, to help you determine whether or not you want to proceed with the rename.

    Important: If you do not have any permissions on a resource that depends on the one to be renamed (that is, one that is hidden because you do not have View permissions), that affected resource cannot be updated and will silently break. The confirmation dialog will not warn you in these cases.
  4. Click Rename.