Uploading StreetPro Data

To install StreetPro data and prepare it for display and tiling in the Spatial Module using the Map Uploader:

  1. Install StreetPro using the installer that comes with the media, following the instructions in the StreetPro product guide.
  2. Copy all data files used by the workspace to the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform hosting machine.
  3. Edit the <Filename> in the .MWS in any XML or text editor to include the path to the data.
  4. Use Map Uploader to upload the named map and tables.
  5. To verify that you can render a map using the new named map, select the Render Named Map request on the Mapping Service Demo Page at http://<server>:<port>/Spatial/MappingService/DemoPage.html, modify the named map in the request to match the one you created (as well as the X, Y, and Zoom as needed), then submit. A map image appears on the right side of the page.