Working with the Command Line Interface (CLI)

An admin or spatial-admin can run the Command Line Interface (CLI) utility to export resources (with View permission on the export folder) and to import resources (with Create permission on the import folder).


The user exporting resources must have View permissions on all resources they are exporting otherwise the export stops with an access denied message.

Exporting with the --a option includes the Access Control List (ACL) for resources including the entities of all other users and roles.


The user importing resources must have Create permissions on the folder in the repository that they are importing to otherwise the export stops with an access denied message.

Importing with the --a option merges the Access Control List (ACL) into the existing ACL registered in the system.

Note: When importing resources exported from Spectrum Spatial version 2.2 or older with --a specified:
  • All permissions on folders are ignored.
  • All permissions on resources are ignored.
  • The Execute permission are added if a resource had View permission.
  • All Deny permissions are ignored.
  • All dataset permissions are merged.