Guest Access

When installing Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst an administrator has the option to enable guest access. To complete the guest access setup, the administrator must then do the following in the Management Console:

  1. Create a guest user in the Management Console with the username and password supplied during installation.
  2. Assign the guest user a role called AnalystGuestRole.

Guest access allows anyone browsing to the Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst application access without signing in. Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst authenticates as the guest user and displays data that the AnalystGuestRole has permission to. After accessing Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst as a guest, a user can select to sign in with their user account. If they are an authenticated Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst user, then they can access data that their role assignments have permissions on (permissions are assigned to roles and users have the permissions of the roles assigned to them).

The name of the guest role and guest user is configurable and is set in both the Management Console and the Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst file.