Permissions for Named Map Projects

Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst creates and manages named map projects from its Project Settings tab. An administrator (spatial-admin or spatial-sub-admin) can assign permissions to roles, in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager from the Project Settings menu, so that users assigned those roles can view projects. Permissions are assigned to roles and not to users.

The permissions set on named map projects are saved to Spectrum Spatial and are viewable in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. Permissions on projects always propagate to the underlying named resources. Therefore, granting access to a role to view a project, grants that role Execute access to all of the named tiles, maps, layers, and tables that the project references.

Modifying propagated permissions in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager may cause a map project to load improperly if Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst cannot find maps. An administrator can grant permissions on other layers not referenced in a project to users so that they can browse and add these layers to projects themselves.

For information about creating users and roles and managing permissions in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager, refer to Permissions for Named Map Projects.