Managing Security

Spectrum Spatial security seamlessly integrates with the role-based security applied by the Spectrum™ Technology Platform. An administrator (admin) manages both users and roles in the Spectrum Management Console, and an admin assigns and manages permissions to Spectrum Spatial named resources in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.
  • The Management Console installs with the Spectrum™ Technology Platform and creates users and roles and assign users to roles. Predefined roles are available for access to Spectrum Spatial, or the admin can create new roles. The admin can also configure Spectrum to integrate with AD/LDAP for user and role management and configure support for Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • The Spectrum Spatial™ Manager installs with the Spatial Module and sets the permissions, called Access Control List (ACL), on data accessed through Spectrum Spatial. An administrator (admin or spatial-admin) can grant permissions to either users or roles to view data (render and query maps, layers, and tables), to edit data (in tables), and to manage Spectrum Spatial. Permissions apply to all clients of Spectrum Spatial including Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst, Spectrum Spatial™ Manager, the Map Uploader utility, and direct access to the service APIs.

Developers manage security via their applications using the Spectrum Spatial REST API.

Analysts can view their data in Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst, which is a web mapping client that works with Spectrum Spatial services and is managed using Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. It allows guest access using a guest account.

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