A MapDescription object defines the metadata for a named map.


A MapDescription object contains the following fields:

Field Name Type Description
numberOfLevels Integer The maximum number of levels (zoom in) that you can request for the map. Level 1 is the furthest away and is composed of one tile that the entire map will be drawn into. Level 2 is composed of 4 tiles, 2 across and 2 down. Each tile is a quarter of the entire map. Level 3 is composed of 16 tiles, 4 across and 4 down, and so on. The higher the level specified, the closer to the Earth the map image appears (zoom in).
coordSys CoordSys The coordinate system of the projection defining the map tiles.
description String A textural description of the named map.
name String The name of the named map.
tileWidth Integer The width of the tiles in pixels.
tileHeight Integer The height of the tiles in pixels.
bounds Bounds object The geographical extent of the map's bounding box in the map's projection as specified by the coordSys field. See Bounds.
outputTypes Array of Strings The list of supported tile image formats that can be rendered for the map.


    "numberOfLevels": 20,
    "coordSys": "epsg:41001",
    "description": "Map of the World",
    "name": "World",
    "tileWidth": 256,
    "tileHeight": 256,
        "minX": -3.756380109844111E7,
        "minY": -4.497601034176671E7,
        "maxX":  3.773376466605809E7
        "maxY":  4.49763662218225E7,