Returns the generation of a map. This request can be used to render a map from any source including named maps, layers, features, and overlays. The renderable attribute on the layer is overrides the visibility setting in the layer.

ACL Authorization Flow

To return a map with Inline Named Layer or MISQL specified, the user (or the role they belong to) needs EXECUTE permission on the Named table.

Note: A remote call is made to resolve tables in MISQL then all the named tables are filtered with EXECUTE permission.


The following table lists the request and response messages for the renderMap operation.

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Message Description
RenderMapRequest The request message for the renderMap operation.
RenderMapResponse The response message for the renderMap operation.

The layer in the following request will not be rendered, as shown by renderable=false. The layer in the repository actually has a visibility setting of visible=true. Renderability of a layer is true by default, and thus ignores the visibility setting in the layer. Setting visibility to false will have no affect. This is in contrast to a RenderNamedMapRequest which is a predefined map, rather than a map with layers specfied at runtime. In that case the vsibility setting in the layer is honored.

<v1:RenderMapRequest imageMimeType="image/png" returnImage="false">  
         <v1:MapView xsi:type="v1:ZoomAndCenterMapView">  
            <v1:ZoomLevel uom="Mile">3700.0</v1:ZoomLevel>  
            <v1:MapCenter srsName="epsg:4269">  
           <v1:Layer xsi:type="v1:NamedLayer" name="/mynamedlayers/LayerWithTable" renderable="false" xmlns:xsi=""/>