Web Map Service Capabilities

The Spectrum™ Technology Platform Web Map Service supports three capabilities which are described in this section.

In accordance with the Open GIS Consortium's Web Map Service Implementation Specification, the Spectrum™ Technology Platform WMS provides the following operations:

GetCapabilities – This capability retrieves service-level metadata including the server name, the available layers and styles, abstracts about the data, and the supported request parameters.

GetMap – This capability is used to request a map image using well-defined geospatial and dimensional parameters containing layers, styles, boundaries, image format, and spatial reference system (coordinate system of the data being retrieved).

GetFeatureInfo – This capability is used to request information for a feature at a given point on the map after a GetMap has been called.

All of these request types are case-sensitive.

These capabilities can be viewed using the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager utility. For more information see Managing WMS Layers and Configuration.

Note: If you are using this service we strongly recommend you do not disable Basic authentication, which leaves only token authentication available on the server. For more information, see Web Service Authentication.