Spectrum Spatial provides an OGC-compliant Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) built to the OCG specifications for WMTS versions 1.0.0 (located at WMTS is a standard implemented by OGC to provide a performance oriented and scalable service to its users.

Spectrum Spatial allows clients to request and servers to deliver tiled mapping data over the Internet or private intranet through the HTTP protocol. Any client that is built to the OGC specification can view your service and make requests for map tiles.

The Spectrum Spatial WMTS provides operations that:
  • describe the service capabilities
  • get a map tile

Spectrum Spatial's WMTS supports standard requests using KVP and RESTful encoding to expose named tiles as well as the Simple Profile, according to the WMTS v1.0.0 specification. Tile caching is also supported for Spectrum Spatial's WMTS, which can be enabled and configured using Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager (for more information, see WMTS Settings). Style parameters and arbitrary scale factors between tile matrices in the same tile matrix set are not supported.

The resources provided in a basic Web Map Tile Service are organized into "WMTS layers". A named WMTS layer contains links to named tiles to expose via WMTS. If you delete those named tiles via Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager you will be notified that the layer in WMTS will no longer work.