Generating Tiles Directly with Tile Generator


This process generates tiles directly without using a request file by specifying all parameters in the command.


To generate tiles, use the following options:

Parameter Required Description
-dirOutput <dirOutput> no Path to the directory the generated tiles will be saved to. If the Tile Generator is located on the same machine as Spectrum™ Technology Platform, dirOutput must be a different location that what is configured for the diskPath tile cache parameter in the MapTiling service configuration.
-format <format> yes Image format type (gif, jpeg, jpg, mvt, png)
-level <level> yes Level(s) to generate tiles for (e.g., comma separated 1,2,6 or range 1-10).
-map <map> yes Named tile resource used to create tile(s) in the repository (e.g., /NamedTiles/WorldTile).
-mbr <mbr> no Minimum Bounding Rectangle (MBR) to be used to generate tiles.
-password <password> yes Password to access the repository.
-threads <threads> no Number of threads to use to generate the tiles.
-url <url> yes Specifies the URL to the Map Tiling Service or proxy if it is configured with Map Tiling as an origin server. If Map Tiling is running an internal cache, then the tiles will get served from this cache as usual.
-username <username> yes User to access the repository.
-cache <cache> no Setting the cache to false causes the Tile Generator to set the HTTP cache-control header to “no-cache” in every tile request. This can be used to flush the cache of tiles in a proxy server between clients and the Map Tiling Service.


This request will generate tiles by specifying all parameters (no request file is used).

cache_builder.bat -url=http://<server>:<port>/rest/Spatial/MapTilingService -image=png -level="1,2-4" -threads=1 -map=/NamedTiles/WorldTile  -mbr="-20000000, -20000000, 20000000, 20000000" -dirOutput=C:\SpatialServer\TILING\OUTPUT -username=admin -password=admin