Creating a Tile Request File with Tile Generator


This process generates a tile request file used to generate tiles.


To create this file, use the following options:

Parameter Required Description
-fileOutput <fileOutput> yes Path and name of the file the generated requests will be saved to.
-level <level> yes Level(s) to generate tiles for (e.g., comma separated 1,2,6 or range 1-10).
-map <map> yes Named tile resource used to create tile(s) in the repository (e.g., /NamedTiles/WorldTile).
-mbr <mbr> no Minimum Bounding Rectangle (MBR) to be used to generate tiles.
-password <password> yes Password to access the repository.
-url <url> yes Specifies the URL to the Map Tiling Service.
-username <username> yes User to access the repository.


This request will calculate and generate a file that contains tile level information. This request will not generate tiles, only the file.

cache_builder.bat -url=http://<server>:<port>/rest/Spatial/MapTilingService -fileOutput=C:\SpatialServer\TILING\MapTilingRequests.txt -map=/NamedTiles/WorldTile -level="1,2-4"  -mbr="-20000000, -20000000, 20000000, 20000000" -username=admin -password=admin