Generating Tiles from a File with Tile Generator


This process generates tiles using a request file.


To generate tiles, use the following options:

Parameter Required Description
-dirOutput <dirOutput> no Path to the directory the generated tiles will be saved to. If the Tile Generator is located on the same machine as Spectrum™ Technology Platform, dirOutput must be a different location that what is configured for the diskPath tile cache parameter in the MapTiling service configuration.
-fileInput <fileInput> yes Path and name of the request file to generate the tiles.
-format <format> yes Image format type (gif, jpeg, jpg, mvt, png)
-password <password> yes Password to access the repository.
-threads <threads> no Number of threads to use to generate the tiles.
-url <url> yes Specifies the URL to the Map Tiling Service.
-username <username> yes User to access the repository.
-cache <cache> no Setting the cache to false causes the Tile Generator to set the HTTP cache-control header to “no-cache” in every tile request. This can be used to flush the cache of tiles in a proxy server between clients and the Map Tiling Service.


This request will read from the request file and generate tiles.

cache_builder.bat -url=http://<server>:<port>/rest/Spatial/MapTilingService​ -fileInput=C:\SpatialServer\TILING\MapTilingRequests.txt -image=png -threads=1 -dirOutput=C:\SpatialServer\TILING\OUTPUT -username=admin -password=admin