Returns the maximum for specified field and band in MRR. If field and band are not specified, it considers the default field and band that is used for MRR rendering. If the MRR contains only the continuous field, the return type is double. If the MRR contains fields other than the continuous one, the return type is a string. This function supports all field and band types in multi-field multi-band MRR.


MI_GridMaxValue (GridInfo, <field>, <band>)


MI_GridMinValue has the following arguments:
  • GridInfo is an expression which returns a GridInfo, where GridInfo is the name of the raster column in the table, by default it is MI_RASTER.

  • field specifies the field index. It is an optional parameter.

  • band specifies the band index of the field selected. It is required only if the field parameter is specified.


Determines the maximum grid value of the specified field and band in MRR Table.

select MI_GridMaxValue("MI_RASTER", 0, 0) from "/MRRWorldTable"