index snapshot list

The index snapshot list command returns a list of all search index snapshots. The details displayed are:
  • Name of the snapshot
  • Name of the search index
  • If the snapshot was created successfully
  • Reason of failure, if the snapshot was not created successfully
  • The start time, end time and total time taken in creating the snapshot
  • Total shards in the snapshot and successful and failed shards, if any

You can also write the search index snapshot list to a file.


index snapshot list --f filePath
No--f filePath
File path to write the search index snapshot list.
Note: The output is a comma delimited text file.

Example 1

This example lists all the search index snapshots.

index snapshot list

Example 2

This example writes the search index snapshot list to the file snapshotList.csv at the location: c:/exportLocation.

index snapshot list --f c:/exportLocation/snapshotList.csv