Glossaryentity Export

Use this command to export glossary entities from the Spectrum server to a given directory in a CSV format.


glossaryentity export --n name --o outputPath --d delimiter
Yes--n nameSpecify the name of the glossary entity to be exported.
Tip: If you are unsure of the glossary entity name, you can use the glossaryentity list command to get a list of the names.
No--o outputPathSpecify the output directory to export the glossary entity.
Note: If you do not specify this path, the entities are saved to the directory from which you are running the command.
No--d delimiter Specify the delimiter to be used in the export file. The supported delimiters are: Comma (,) Semicolon (;) Pipe(|) Tab(\t). Default value is pipe (|).
Note: Do not use comma as a delimiter if entity description contains commas. Else, import might fail.


This example exports glossary entity "Customer" from Spectrum server to the folder MyGlossary. The delimiter to be used in the export file is semicolon.

glossaryentity export --n Customer --o D:/Export/MyGlossary --d ;