Glossaryentity Import

Use this command to import glossary entities from a CSV file and create a version 1.0 draft.


glossaryentity import --i inputPath --d delimiter
Yes--i inputPathPath to the CSV file or the folder containing the CSV files, from which the glossary entities are to be imported.
Note: If the input path is of a folder, ensure all the files in the folder use the same delimiter.
Note: Use forward slash in file or folder paths to avoid any issues.
No--d delimiter Specify the delimiter used in import file. The supported delimiters are: Comma (,) Semicolon (;) Pipe(|) Tab(\t). Default value is pipe (|).
Note: Do not use comma as a delimiter if entity description contains commas. Else, import might fail.


This example imports glossary entities from a CSV file in the folder MyGlossary. All the files in the folder use comma as the delimiter.

glossaryentity import --i D:/Import/MyGlossary --d ,

Sample import file


Description:The customer's information


FirstName|First Name|string

LastName|Last Name|string

Phone|Phone Number|Phone

EmailID|Email Address|Email
Note: Ensure that all data types used in the import CSV file are there in the semantic types. If not, create it before importing the entity on the server to avoid import failure.