profile update

The profile update command updates an existing profile. Only profiles created by files on your machine or on server can be updated through this command.


profile update --n profileName--d description--t profileOn--f fileName
Note: To see a list of parameters, type help resourceconnection import.
Yes--n profileNameSpecify the name of the profile that you need to update. If the profile name contains spaces, enclose the name in quotes.
Tip: If you are unsure of the profile name, you can use the profile list command to get a list of the profile names.
No--d descriptionSpecify the description of the profile to be updated.
True--t profileOn
Specify the source on which the profile has been created.
Note: Update is supported for file profiling only.
True--f fileNameSpecify the name of the file that is to be updated in profile.
Note: The file should be in the same directory where other files of the profile are placed.


This example updates the file "Scorecard_CLI.txt" in the profile "Scorecard".

profile update --n Scorecard --d "Running from CLI" --profileOn Connection --f "Scorecard_CLI.txt"