ermdb memory set

Note: For instructions on installing and running the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.

The ermdb memory set command defines the memory size for the routing database. You must have Spectrum Spatial installed to use this command. The fields for defining minimum and maximum memory values can be empty. If a value is empty, that value will not be specified on the command line when starting the component, as if no value were explicitly defined. If no value is specified, or if a value is 0, the property will not be passed to the Command Line Interface.


ermdb memory set --name database_name --mn minimum_memory_size --mx maximum_memory_size
Note: To see a list of parameters, type help ermdb memory set.
Yes--name or --n database_nameSpecifies the name of the database resource to be added. The name must be a unique name on the server. For a list of existing routing database resources, use the ermdb list command.
No--mn or --minMem minimum_memory_sizeDefines the minimum amount of memory allocated for this database. This value must be less than or equal to the --mx setting.
No--mx or --maxMem maximum_memory_sizeDefines the maximum amount of memory allocated for this database. This value must be greater than zero, but cannot exceed 65536 MB.


This example sets the memory sizes for a Spectrum Spatial US database.

ermdb memory set --name ERM-US --mn 1200 --mx 65536