ermdb template

Note: For instructions on installing and running the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.

The ermdb template command creates a JSON file (.json) that is the template for a Spectrum Product Data (SPD) import file. Use this command before using the ermdb import command. You must have Spectrum Spatial installed to use these commands.


ermdb template path_to_JSON

Specifies the path to the JSON file to generate a template (.json) file from. By default, the ermdb template command generates the JSON file in the current working folder.


This example creates a .json file that acts as a template of information for importing a Spectrum Product Data (SPD) file into a Spectrum database. This example creates the template in the current working folder.

ermdb template

To export the template to a specific location, include the file name in the command.

ermdb templateC:/Downloads/File/A1T_Pedestrian_Mar_2019.json

The resulting template file (.json file) has the following content:

"name":"enter database name",
"DatasetPaths":"${spectrum.spd.Spatial/routing/add IDENTIFIER from productdata list};"},

To find the IDENTIFIER to populate the SPD template with, run the productdata list command to list information for the SPD files that you want to import. Locate the IDENTIFIER for a specific SPD file to import, and then populate the SPD template (.json file) by adding a database name and the IDENTIFIER information.

For example, the following database name is "Austria" (you can type any display name for the data) and the IDENTIFIER is "A1T_Pedestrian_Mar_2019":


You are now ready to run the ermdb import command to import these routing data configurations and create the database resources called "Austria" on the Spectrum server.