Install the Administration Utility

Download and install the Administration Utility from the Spectrum Technology Platform Home page. This topic also describes how to connect to the Spectrum Technology Platform server.

Note: The Administration Utility requires Java 8 or later. Verify that Java 8 is in the system's path before running the Administration Utility.

If you are reinstalling an existing installation of the Administration Utility, first back up the file if it exists and any other CLI configurations. These are located in the same folder in which the CLI files are located. Add the backed up file and other configurations to the updated CLI after you reinstall the Administration Utility.

  1. On the Spectrum Technology Platform Home page, click Platform Client Tools.
  2. Click Command Line.
  3. Under Administration Utility, click Download and download the zip file to the computer where you want to use the Administration Utility.
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file.
  5. To launch the command line interface, do one of the following:
    • If you are running the server on a Linux system, execute
    • If you are running the server on a Windows system, execute cli.cmd.
    Note: If necessary, modify the .sh or .cmd file to use the path to your Java installation.
  6. Connect to the Spectrum Technology Platform server by typing this command:

    connect --h servername:port --u username --p password --s SSLTrueOrFalse

    For example,

    connect --h myserver:8080 --u admin --p myPassword1 --s true

  7. Once you are connected you can run commands. Some tips:
    • For a list of available commands, type help or press the tab key.
    • To auto-complete a command, type the first few characters then press the tab key. For example, typing us then pressing the tab key automatically completes the command user. Pressing the tab key again will display a list of all the user commands.
    • If you specify an option value that contains a space, enclose the value in double quotes.
  8. When you are done, type exit to exit the Administration Utility.