productdata delete

The productdata delete command removes the specified Spectrum Product Data (SPD) from the Spectrum Technology Platform. Run this command on all Spectrum databases containing the SPD data that you want to remove.

Before you run this command, run the productdata list command to review the product, component, qualifier, and vintage details before deleting any data. The parameters to the productdata delete command are obtained by running the productdata list command.


productdata delete --p productName --c productComponent --q qualifier --v dataVintage
Yes--p productNameSpecifies the product using the data that will be deleted. For example, "Platform".
Yes--c productComponentSpecifies the name of the data component to delete. For example, the product component could be "CanadaAddresses."
Yes--q qualifierSpecifies a unique identifier for the data.
Yes--v dataVintageSpecifies the date that the data was compiled or released. For example, a vintage could be "Q42018."