scorecard statistics

The scorecard statistics command gives the statistics related to a specified scorecard.


scorecard statistics --n account1_Scorecard
Yes--n scorecardNameThe name of the scorecard.
No--r scorecardRunIdThe runId for which you want the statistics.
Note: If you don't provide the run Id, the statistics related to the most recent run is displayed.


This example shows the statistics, such as rule name, KPI, and records processed for run Id 4 of a scorecard named account1_Scorecard.

scorecard statistics --n account1_Scorecard --r 4
The result displayed will be similar to this:
"rulesStatistics": [{
  "totalRecords": 100,
  "ruleName": "account1_Accuracy",
  "validRecords": 100,
  "malformedRecords": 0
"kpiName": "Accuracy",
"totalScore": 100,
"thresholdType": "Good"