server backup

Use the server backup command to back up your Spectrum Technology Platform server.

To back up your Spectrum Technology Platform server, you need to create a backup copy of the server's configuration database. The configuration database contains your security settings, dataflows, service options, data resource definitions, snapshots, and various configuration settings. If you were to lose your server due to a system failure or other disaster, you could use the backup of the configuration database to restore your configuration to another Spectrum Technology Platform server.

Important: Do not run a backup when there is activity on the Spectrum Technology Platform server. While the backup is in progress, calls to services may time out and jobs may fail to execute successfully.


server backup --o Directory
No--o DirectorySpecifies the directory to which you want to save the backup copy of the server's database. The path you specify here is relative to the directory where you are running the Administration Utility. If you omit this option the backup is placed in the folder where you are running the Administration Tool.


This example saves the backup to the LatestServerBackup subfolder under the folder where the Administration Tool is located.

server backup --o LatestServerBackup


The backup process creates a temporary (.temp) directory, and should a backup fail, it creates an error (.err.*) directory. After you run the server backup command, it is safe to remove these directories to free up drive space. Removing these directories will not affect the restore process.