Backup properties

Below is a list of backup properties and their functions.

General backup properties

spectrum.backup.enabledEnable or disable all system backups 
spectrum.backup.cronQuartz cron configuration for scheduled backups: For more information on the cron configuration, visit 

Neo4j repository backup properties

spectrum.backup.repository.enabledEnable or disable the backup of the Neo4j repository, specifically: Overrides the general enabled flag (spectrum.backup.enabled) 
spectrum.backup.repository.databaseURLURL/Host of the machine where Neo4j repository runs; Do not modify unless Neo4j is running on a different machine than the server 
spectrum.backup.repository.directoryDirectory where Neo4j backup files are stored. By default, this location is ../server/backup/repository. This location has changed from the previous default location, which was ../server/app/repository/store/backup in previous releases. In clustered setups, we suggest that you point this directory to a network share location. 

Elasticsearch index backup properties

spectrum.backup.index.enabledEnable or disable the backup of the Elasticsearch index repository, specifically: Overrides the general enabled flag (spectrum.backup.enabled) 
spectrum.backup.index.directoryDirectory where backup files are stored: By default, this location is ../server/backup/index. IMPORTANT: In a clustered environment, this property must point to a network share location.  

To restore an Elasticsearch snapshot, invoke the restoreSnapshot operation using the Index Snapshot/Backup Manager in JMX Console:

MBean:  com.pb.spectrum.platform.common:manager=IndexSnapshotManager