Create an approval flow for an Exception type

An record in a workflow can be configured to follow an approval flow. The approval flow specifies:
  • The levels of approval needed.
  • Role for each approval level.
  • Days in which each approver should accept or reject an Exception record.
  1. On Management Console main menu, click Resources > Approval Flows.
    This displays the Approval Flows page. Exception types are labeled by Exceptions.typename.
  2. Click to toggle the Enabled switch for an Exception type to ON.
    This enables the flow you are going to define. This flow will be applicable when an exception condition has the selected Exception type.
    The Approval Flow window prompts whether to define approval levels.
  3. Click Yes to define approval levels.
    This displays the Edit Approval Flow page. It shows that the Entity type is Exceptions.typename.
  4. To add an approval level, click the Add Approval Level button .
    This adds a row to the table.
  5. Enter these approval flow details:
    Field Description
    Level Shows the approval level.

    Level 1 denotes the data steward level of approval. Level 2 and above denote reviewer acceptance levels.

    Roles Select the role that will act as the approver for this level.
    Note: The roles displayed here are defined for an Exception type using Manage Console System > Security > Roles > Data Stewardship settings.

    All roles must have execute permissions to be included in an Exception approval flow. The role for the level 1 data steward reviewer should have modify in addition to view and execute permission. Roles defined for other levels must have view and execute permissions. A role may also have modify permission if you want to allow a user other than the data steward to edit Exception records.

    Days to Approve Select the days within which an approver has to edit, approve, or reject an Exception record.
  6. To add additional levels of approval, repeat steps 4 through 5.
  7. Click Save.
    The approval flow is saved and the number of levels shows on the Approval Flows page. In the future, you can click its entry in the Type column to edit the approval flow.