Method 3: Configure Spectrum with your own, self-signed certificates

This configuration is not recommended for production environments.

  1. Stop the Spectrum server.
  2. Create the keystore and truststore and copy to the SpectrumDirectory/server/conf/certs folder. This is the required location.
  3. Set encryption settings in the server location, SpectrumDirectory/server/conf
  4. Change these properties in
    • spectrum.encryption.enabled=true
    • spectrum.encryption.algorithm=JASYPT
    • spectrum.encryption.selfSignedCert=true
    • spectrum.encryption.trustAllHosts=true
      Note: Set spectrum.encryption.trustAllHosts to true only if a single certificate will be used across multiple hosts.
    • spectrum.encryption.keystoreType=pkcs12 or jks
    • spectrum.encryption.keystore=node-keystore.p12
    • spectrum.encryption.keystorePassword=keystorepassword
    • spectrum.encryption.keystoreAlias=keystore alias, if one applies
    • spectrum.encryption.truststoreType= pkcs12 or jks
    • spectrum.encryption.truststore=truststore.p12
    • spectrum.encryption.truststorePassword=truststorepassword
  5. Start the Spectrum server.