Set security authentication

The security setup process requires you define the SSO authentication type and apply JCE policy files.

Note: Ensure that all configurations are in place before setting these properties. See Configuring HTTPS Communication for more information.
To set your authentication properties, locate the file in SpectrumDirectory/server/conf/ and set the following property to LDAP/SSO:

This property setting instructs SSO to redirect browser background Web applications. STS is used for the visible Spectrum applications, such as Web services and CLI.

You must also download and apply the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files of same version as the version of Java running on your Spectrum Technology Platform server. This helps with the encryption and decryption of messages between IdP and the Spectrum Technology Platform server. Extract the files, placing the JCE and the *.jar files (US_export_policy.jar, local_policy.jar) with the Java Runtime Environment files in the JavaLocation/jre/lib/security directory on the host machine for the Spectrum Technology Platform server.