Accessing Spectrum Management Console

Spectrum Management Console is the tool for administering Spectrum Technology Platform. Using Management Console, you can perform such tasks as:

  • Manage users and other security options
  • Define connections to data sources such as databases or web services
  • Configure remote component (database) properties
  • Specify default settings for services
  • Schedule job execution

To access Spectrum Management Console:

  1. In a web browser go to this URL:


    Where server is the server name or IP address of your Spectrum Technology Platform server and port is the HTTP port used by Spectrum Technology Platform. By default, the HTTP port is 8080 and the HTTPS port is 8443.

  2. Enter a valid user name and password.

    The administrative user name is "admin" and it has a default password of "admin".

    Important: You should change the admin password immediately after installing Spectrum Technology Platform to prevent unauthorized administrative access to your system. Note that passwords, including those for the Web utilities, must contain one of the following special characters:
    name symbol
    ampersand &
    asterisk *
    at @
    circumflex ^
    dollar $
    double quote "
    hash/pound #
    percent %
    splat !