Introduction to Spectrum Databases

Spectrum databases contain reference data from trusted data providers that is used to enhance and validate your data. For example, to perform address validation, Spectrum Technology Platform uses official address data from postal authorities to compare your address to addresses of record. Other types of processing that use Spectrum databases include geocoding, routing, and tax jurisdiction assignment for a given address.

We update Spectrum databases periodically to provide you with the most up-to-date data from third-party data providers. Database updates occur independently from software updates, in some cases quarterly or even monthly. When a database update is available you will receive an email notification that includes a link to download the updated database. You should install it as soon as possible so that you are using the most accurate data available.

A limited number of processes use Spectrum databases. Processes that use Spectrum databases include Spectrum Enterprise Tax, Spectrum Geocoding, Global Sentry, Spectrum Universal Addressing, and routing (from Spectrum Spatial and Routing). To view the processes you have installed that use Spectrum databases, open Spectrum Management Console and go to Resources > Spectrum Databases then click the Add button . If you have processes that use Spectrum databases, they are listed in the Module field.