Logback configuration file

Spectrum uses the Logback framework to provide server, notification, performance, and Hazelcast logging. The logback configuration file configures logging patterns and defines the maximum file size, file name and location, and maximum instances of rolling log files. The log configuration file also configures message patterns written to the console.

The logback configuration file defines Logger and Appender class instances used by Spectrum. In particular it defines the file path and name for each log file, the pattern for log entries, the maxFileSize for maximum log file size, and rollingPolicy and maxIndex for the rolling log files. For detailed information about logback architecture and configuration, you can refer to The Logback Manual linked to at the end of this topic.

The logback file is in the following location:


Log files defined in this file include the following:

Log file Appender name Default path For more information
Server FILE SpectrumDirectory\server\logs\spectrum-server.log About the System Log
Notification NOTIFICATION SpectrumDirectory\server\logs\notification.log About the Notification Log
Performance PERFORMANCE SpectrumDirectory\server\logs\performance.log The Performance Log
Hazelcast HAZELCAST SpectrumDirectory\server\logs\hazelcast.log Distributed processing service

The logback file also defines patterns for console messages to System.out and logger instances. The logger instances specify logging levels in the production environment.