Modules and Components

Table 1. Modules and Components




Spectrum Advanced Matching

Matches records within or between input files.

Best Of Breed

Candidate Finder

Duplicate Synchronization


Interflow Match

Intraflow Match

Match Key Generator

Transactional Match

Spectrum Data Stewardship

Identifies exception records and provides a browser-enabled tool for manually reviewing exception records.

Exception Monitor

Read Exceptions

Write Exceptions

Country Identifier

Takes a country name or a combination of postal code and state-province and returns the two-character ISO country code, the three-character Universal Postal Union (UPU) code, and the English country name.

Country Identifier

Spectrum Discovery

Gives you the control you need to deliver accurate and timely data-driven insights to your business. Develops data and graph models, gives you a view the flow of data from source to business application, and assesses the quality of your data through profiling. It helps you identify the data resources you should use to answer particular business questions and to optimize processes to improve the usefulness and consistency of data across your business.

Models (Logical, Physical, and Context Graph)

Model Store


Lineage & Impact Analysis

Spectrum Context Graph

Links and analyzes data, identifying relationships and trends.

Write to Model

Read From Model

Query Model

Graph Visualization

Spectrum Data Federation

Provides capabilities useful in data warehousing, data quality, systems integration, and migration.

Field Selector

Generate Time Dimension

Query Cache

Write to Cache

Spectrum Data Normalization

Removes inconsistencies in data.

Advanced Transformer

Open Parser

Table Lookup


Spectrum Data Integration

Connects to data in multiple sources for a variety of business needs including data warehousing, data quality, systems integration, and migration.

Call Stored Procedure

Field Selector

Generate Time Dimension

Query Cache

Write to Cache

Spectrum Geocoding

Determines the geographic coordinates for an address. Also determines the address of a given latitude and longitude.

Geocode Address AUS

Geocode Address GBR - deprecated. Use Global Geocoding geocoding stage.

Geocode Address Global

Geocode Address World

Geocode US Address

GNAF PID Location Search

Reverse APN Lookup

Reverse Geocode Address Global

Reverse Geocode US Location

Spectrum Enterprise Tax

Determines the tax jurisdictions that apply to a given location.

Assign GeoTAX Info

Calculate Distance

Spectrum Screener

Helps banks and financial institutions to effectively detect financial crimes, reduce false positives, and maintain robust detection capability as required by the regulators.

Party Groups




GeoConfidence Determines the probability that an address or street intersection is within a given area.

Geo Confidence Surface


Spectrum Global Addressing

Provides enhanced address standardization and validation. Also, automatically suggests addresses as you type and immediately returns candidates based on your input. Splits postal address strings into individual address elements using machine learning techniques.

Global Address Parser

Global Address Validation

Global Type Ahead

Spectrum Global Geocoding

Determines the geographic coordinates for an address. Also determines the address of a given latitude and longitude. Interactive geocoding is a type-ahead feature in Global Geocoding. Key Lookup uses a key to geocode addresses.

Global Geocode

Global Reverse Geocode

Spectrum Global Interactive Geocoding

Global Key Lookup

Spectrum Global Sentry

Attempts to match transactions against government-provided watch lists that contain data from different countries.

Global Sentry

Global Sentry Address Check

Global Sentry ID Number Check

Global Sentry Name Check

Global Sentry Other Data Check

Spectrum Spatial

Performs point in polygon and radial analysis against a variety of geospatial databases.

Find Nearest

Point In Polygon

Query Spatial Data

Read Spatial Data

Spatial Calculator

Spatial Union

Write Spatial Data

Performs routing calculations to obtain directions, calculate drive time and drive distance, and identify locations within a certain time or distance from a starting point.

Get Route Data

Get Travel Boundary

Get Travel Cost Matrix

Get Travel Directions

Persistent Update

Spectrum SAP

Enables Spectrum Technology Platform to interface with SAP Customer Relationship Management applications.

SAP Generate Match Key

SAP Generate Match Score

SAP Generate Search Key

SAP Generate Search Key Constant

SAP Generate Search Key Metaphone

SAP Generate Search Key Substring

SAP Validate Address With Candidates

Spectrum Universal Address

Standardizes and validates addresses according to the postal authority's standards.

Get Candidate Addresses

Get City State Province

Get Postal Codes

Validate Address

Validate Address Global

Spectrum Universal Name

Parses personal names, company names, addresses, and many other terms and abbreviations.

Name Parser (Deprecated)

Name Variant Finder

Open Name Parser