Configuring Options at Runtime

Some Candidate Finder options can be configured and passed at runtime if they are exposed as dataflow options. This enables you to run your dataflow while using different configurations. These are the available dataflow options for Candidate Finder:
  • ConnectionName—The name of the database that contains the candidate records.
  • SearchIndexName—The name of the search index used in the Candidate Finder dataflow.
  • StartingRecord—The record number on which search results should begin.
  • MaximumResults—The maximum number of responses you want the index search to return.
  • ReturnMatchCount—The total number of matches that were made. This field is useful if you enter a lower number in the MaximumResults field but want to know the total number of matches that were made.

To define Candidate Finder options at runtime:

  1. In Enterprise Designer, open a dataflow that uses the Candidate Finder stage.
  2. Save and expose that dataflow.
  3. Go to EditDataflow Options.
  4. In the Map dataflow options to stages table, expand Candidate Finder and edit options as necessary. Check the box for the option you want to edit, then change the value in the Default value drop-down.
  5. Optional: Change the name of the options in the Option label field.
  6. Click OK twice.