Database Options

The Candidate Finder dialog enables you to define SQL statements that retrieve potential match candidates from a database, as well as map the columns that you select from the database to the field names that are defined in your dataflow.

Table 1. Candidate Finder Database Options

Option Name

Description / Valid Values

Finder type

Select Database.


Select the database that contains the candidate records. You can select any connection configured in Management Console. To connect to a database not listed, configure a connection to that database in Management Console, then close and reopen Candidate Finder to refresh the connection list.
Note: The Dataflow Options feature in Enterprise Designer enables the connection name to be exposed for configuration at runtime.

SQL statement

Type a SQL statement in the text box as described in Defining the SQL Query

Field Map tab

Choose field mapping settings as described in Mapping Database Columns to Stage Fields.

Preview tab

Click this tab to enter a sample match key to test your SQL SELECT statement or your index query.