Match Key Generator

Match Key Generator creates a non-unique key for each record, which can then be used by matching stages to identify groups of potentially duplicate records. Match keys facilitate the matching process by allowing you to group records by match key and then only comparing records within these groups.

The match key is created using rules you define and is comprised of input fields. Each input field specified has a selected algorithm that is performed on it. The result of each algorithm is then concatenated to create a single match key field.

In addition to creating match keys, you can also create express match keys to be used later in the dataflow by an Intraflow Match stage or an Interflow Match stage.

You can create multiple match keys and express match keys.

For example, if the incoming record is:

First Name - Fred
Last Name - Mertz
Postal Code - 21114-1687
Gender Code - M

And you define a match key rule that generates a match key by combining data from the record like this:

Input Field Start Position Length
Postal Code 1 5
Postal Code 7 4
Last Name 1 5
First Name 1 5
Gender Code 1 1

Then the key would be: