1. In the Load match rule field, select one of the predefined match rules which you can either use as-is or modify to suit your needs. If you want to create a new match rule without using one of the predefined match rules as a starting point, click New. You can only have one custom rule in a dataflow.
    Note: The Dataflow Options feature in Enterprise Designer enables the match rule to be exposed for configuration at runtime.
  2. Select Return unique candidates if you want unique candidate records to be included in the output from the stage.
  3. Select Generate data for analysis if you want to use the Match Analysis tool to analyze the results of the dataflow. For more information, see Analyzing Match Results.
  4. Select Return detailed match information if you want detailed match information to be displayed as an output for your match rule.
    Note: For detailed information about the output fields, see Output.
  5. For information about modifying the other options, see Building a Match Rule.
  6. Click Evaluate to evaluate how a suspect record scored against candidate records. For more information, see Interflow Match.