Search Index Management

The Search Index Management tool enables you to perform the following tasks:
  • Add/remove fields in an existing search index
  • Delete one or more search indexes

To add/remove fields to an existing search index:

  1. Select Tools > Search Index Management. The Search Index Management pop-up window is displayed showing the existing search indexes.
  2. Select the index to be modified, and click Modify. The Modify Index page is displayed showing a list of all the fields in the search index with their details.
  3. To delete a field, select it from the list, and click Remove field.
  4. To add a new field to the list, click Add field. The Add Field pop-up window is displayed, which allows you to add the following details:
    • Field name: Enter the name of the field.
    • Type: Select the field type. The options are: string, integer, long, float, and double.
    • Index: Select the check-box to add it to the index for search query.
    • Store: Select the check-box to store the field.
    • Analyzer: From the list of options, select the analyzer you want to use for indexing the field.
      Note: This option will be enabled only if you have selected to index this field.

To delete an existing search index:

  1. Select Tools > Search Index Management.
  2. Select the search indexes you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Close.
Note: You can also delete a search index by using the Administration Utility. The command is index delete --d IndexName, where IndexName is the name of the index you want to delete.