Best of Breed

The Best of Breed stage consolidates duplicate records by selecting the best data in a duplicate record collection and creating a new consolidated record using the best data.

This consolidated record is known as the best of breed record. You define the rules that select records to consolidate. When processing completes, the best of breed record is retained by the system.

This stage allows you to:
  • Create and publish a rule: Define your rule in the Rule Configuration panel, and publish it to the repository for re-use at a later point in time, which allows you to save significant time. You can also use the Create new rule button at the left corner of the page to remove the current rule and define a new rule.

    You can use Template Rules, which gives you the flexibility to choose a sophisticated set of predefined rules that saves time than defining a rule from scratch.

  • Configure the options for the rule in the Settings panel. For more information, see Configuring the Options.
  • Configure access control for the rule: It allows you to regulate who can view your rule and define the permissions for them. For more information, see Configuring Access Control for Rule.