Match Key Generator

This stage creates a match key for each record. A match key is a non-unique key shared by like records that identify records as potential duplicates. The match key facilitates the matching process by only comparing records that contain the same match key.

This stage allows you to:
  • Create a match key: Select Create Match Key at the left corner of the page to create a new match key. It also allows you to publish a match key to the repository for re-use at a later point in time. For more information, see Creating a New Match Key.
  • Preview a match key: You can preview the match key with the Input Data and the Result at the bottom of the Options page to avoid any potential errors.
  • Configure access control for match key: It allows you to regulate who can view your match key and define the permissions for them. For more information, see Configuring Access Control for Match Key.

How Match Key Generator functions

The match key is created using rules you define and is comprised of multiple rules. Each rule has a selected algorithm that is applied on the chosen input field. The result of each rule is then linked together to create a single match key.

Example of a Match Key Generator Rule

Consider the input as below:
  • First Name - Fred
  • Last Name - Mertz
  • Gender Code - M
    With the above input, if you are required to define a match key rule that generates a match key by combining data from the record shown below, the match key is MertzFredM.
    Input Field Start Position Length
    Last Name 1 5
    First Name 1 5
    Gender Code 1 1