Sharing a Match Rule

You can create match rules that can be shared among modules, stages, dataflows, and users. By sharing a match rule, you can make it easier to develop dataflows by defining a match rule once and then referencing it wherever needed. This also helps to ensure that the match rules intended to perform the same functions are consistent across dataflows.

The match rules saved in the Match Rule Repository can be exported as .mr or .json files using the Administration utility. This is especially useful when trying to share these rules with other Spectrum installations or while consuming these in the Spectrum Big Data Quality SDK.

Note: By default the match rules are exported as .mr file.
  • To share a match rule you built in an Interflow Match, Intraflow Match, or Transactional Match, click the Save button at the top of the stage's options window.
  • If you build the rule in the Match Rules Management tool, the rule is automatically available to use in dataflows by all users. To view the Match Rules Management tool, in Enterprise Designer select Tools > Match Rules Management.