Configuring Options at Runtime

Advanced Transformer rules can be configured and passed at runtime if they are exposed as dataflow options. This enables you to override the existing configuration with JSON-formatted strings. You can also set stage options when calling the job through a process flow or through the job executor command-line tool.

You can find schemas for AdvancedTransformerRules in the following folder:

<Spectrum Location>\server\modules\jsonSchemas\advancedTransformer

To define Advanced Transformer rules at runtime:

  1. In Enterprise Designer, open a dataflow that uses the Advanced Transformer stage.
  2. Save and expose that dataflow.
  3. Go to Edit > Dataflow Options.
  4. In the Map dataflow options to stages table, expand Advanced Transformer. Check the box for AdvancedTransformerRules.
  5. Optional: Change the name of the options in the Option label field.
  6. Click OK twice.