Defining Domain-Independent Parsing Grammars in Dataflows

To define domain-independent parsing grammars in a dataflow:

  1. In Enterprise Designer, add an Open Parser stage to your dataflow.
  2. Double-click the Open parser stage on the canvas.
  3. Click Define Domain Independent Grammar on the Rules tab.
  4. Use the Grammar Editor to create the grammar rules. You can type commands and variables into the text box or use the commands provided in the Commands tab. For more information, see Grammars.
  5. To cut, copy, paste, and find and replace text strings in your parsing grammar, right-click in the Grammar Editor and select the appropriate command.
  6. To check the parsing grammar you have created, click Validate.

    The validate feature lists any errors in your grammar syntax, including the line and column where the error occurs, a description of the error, and the command name or value that is causing the error.

  7. Click the Preview tab to test the parsing grammar.
  8. When you are finished creating your parsing grammar, click OK.