Defining Domain-Independent Parsing Grammars at Runtime

Parsing grammar can be configured and passed at runtime if it is exposed as a dataflow option. This enables you to override the existing grammar configuration in your dataflow but use domain-independent grammar when you run the job. You can also set stage options when calling the job through a process flow or through the job executor command-line tool.

To define domain-independent parsing grammars at runtime:

  1. In Enterprise Designer, open a dataflow that uses the Open Parser stage.
  2. Save and expose that dataflow.
  3. Go to Edit > Dataflow Options.
  4. In the Map dataflow options to stages table, expand Open Parser and check the DomainIndependentGrammar box.
  5. Optional: Change the name of the parse rule in the Option label field from "DomainIndependentGrammar" to the name you prefer.
  6. Click OK twice.