Table Lookup

The Table Lookup stage standardizes terms against a previously validated form of that term and applies the standard version. This evaluation is done by searching a table for the term to standardize.

For example:

First Name

Last Name

Source Input:



Standardized Output:



There are three types of action you can perform: standardize, identify, and categorize.

If the term is found when performing the standardize action, Table Lookup replaces either the entire field or individual terms within the field with the standardized term, even if the field contains multiple words. Table Lookup can include changing full words to abbreviations, changing abbreviations to full words, changing nicknames to full names or misspellings to corrected spellings.

If the term is found when performing the identify action, Table Lookup flags the record as containing a term that can be standardized, but performs no action.

If the term is found when performing the categorize action, Table Lookup uses the source value as a key and copies the corresponding value from the table entry into the selected field. If none of the source terms match, Categorize uses the default value specified.